Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Dirty Little Secrets 4 is back!

What is your Dirty Little Secret?

Hunt Starts Oct 25!

Please Note:  "Freebie Shopping" has become a real issue. Kindly refrain from asking in the hunt help groups, IMing or notecarding organizers, hunt staff or merchants trying to find out which store has a certain gift. You will not get the information. This is a hunt. Spamming the help group asking for anything other than hints will get you ejected.

1 Hint giver is located on left wall at entrance

2 All roads lead to the beach! But you need the key to my trunks...

3 Use store hint giver (huge flashing red sign near hunt boards)

4 Teddy has the key of my dirty little secrets

5 Use store hint giver located near the hunt boards

6 You'll need to get the key from Hakim

7 Look insde the Workshop Shed

8 Please click the Hint Giver Easel under the Hunt Sign

9 Look for booty & boob applier outfits and you will find the secret...

10 It is no Secret that I am in the sales area!!!

11 Playing hide and seek is fun for all.. Gacha!

12 "Up and down, up and down
     a long way you have to go to the elventown.
     Don`t fear nature, don`t fear high,
     sometimes elves believe they can fly ;-)"

13 One too many beers and now I don't know where I dropped that key....

14 Oh how I love these shorts! They go so well with these tees and tanks don't you think?

15 The view is always better from on top.

16 A kiss is a secret which takes the lips for the ear.

17 Charity is the Key

18 Look behind the curtain.

19 I shall never Speak of the Hunt Prize's Location

20 ...With Liberty and Justice For All.

21  I love group gift and sales, dont you?!

22 In store multi hunt giver

23 Shhh Its a Secret who we are!

24 Jack might know where the key is.

25 Humm shhh look at the key bach the chair

26 By the bargains

27 There is quite a nice view from here, but to find me you must look in the shadows.

28 SLAMMED! Just walk forward.

29 How do you spell cookies?

30 I hope someone finds when they are cleaning up.

31 Please click the "Hints" crate at the landing point.

32 Always look to your right

33 It's on the Table... There is only one table...

34 A very, very, small secret

35 A dominant man with handcuffs.... what more could a girl want?

36 They've gone to plaid!!!!!

37 My secrets are always between leather and lace...

38 A little horse?

39 I wanna rock with you...

40 Tree Stump...

41 Do not look below the butt...

42  I write all my secrets in my leather journals!

43 I could hide out under there

44 I have a Passion for shoes!

45 There you get the best information!!

46 Check Hint Giver located on the sign. (On Hunts/Events wall in the lobby landing area)

47 Sing: And it burns, burns, burns: The Ring of ...

48 "Ladies Look for a Snow Leopard that guards your key!

      Fellas Up the stairs You go, Halle Has Your key!"

49 I leave the key in the bike

50 It's no secret, what goes up, must come down!

51 She knows everything, but will she tell?

52 Can't see me. It's my secret, my dirty little, warm, cozy secret. And I can
     see so much from here.

53 Hint Giver @ http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Kirkoswald/58/153/45

54 You may want some privacy.

55 Everyone needs a guardian, even keys.

56 This stairway doesn't go anywhere, but it does hold the key.

57 Lay back and worship me!


59 There's an island, there's a moon, there's seduction. It's game on!

60 My Formal is going up in Flames!

61 In the desert you will find what you are looking for

62 The subway is a dark spot for a secret rendezvous...especially back on the tracks.

63 "Search amidst the pumpkins" (Female and male items hidden separately ,but same hint applies for both).

64 "Look UP, look down, look all around.
      If you get tired, sit your butt down.
      If you choose the right place, you'll notice the key.
      If not, you'll feel silly cuz it's easy to see. :P"

65 On the third floor ask to the mannequin

66 You'll find me near a Dark angel (In mesh Area)

67 We are your partner in this hunt!

68 Imagine what you can do with an apple!

69 On it and the secret is that a lot of boxes with Christmas gifts. gifts
     and we love very much sometimes even carts

70 Cupcakes are yummy and so are secrets! SHHH!

71 These three girls have secrets of their own under their kimonos

72 NATALIE guards the key.

73 I am hiding on a display between radiant and rock & roll.

74 "Read me a story
      by the pale lamplight.
      Tell of your fantasies
      in the dark of the night!"

75 Dont get me WET (Adult room, upper floor)

76 "Step by step I fell in love with you, And step by step it wasn't hard to do,
      Kiss by kiss and hand in hand,
      That's the way it all began."

 I love log cabins lots of Beams to hide things.

78 Look where a door should be, if in the hunt you wish to find the key.


80 Caught In Between!

81 I am giving gifts for newbie, click me

82 Our dirty little secret is how seductive we are . . .

83 Never talk about the secret near parrots.

84 When you need to rest your boner take a seat in our sales corner..

85 Find something "POSH"

86 I love mesh..!

87 "Very close to the Madness, you will find the key!


89 Uh oh! Those skulls are watching me and i thought under here it was a good place to hide :C

90 Dinner by candlelight, with a waterfall view.


92 Please use multi hunt hinter on hunt wall or hint giver on DSL4 sign in shops entrance,
     a straight walk from the landing point.

93 Like My Legs?

94 The Secret has been left with 'ROSEMARY'!

95 Somewhere Over The Rainbow - Female Gift
     Let's Joke Around, Shall We?  ~ Male Gift