Friday, October 24, 2014

Hints Page

Dirty Little Secrets 5 is back!

What is your Dirty Little Secret?

Hunt Starts Oct 25!

Live Laugh Hunt! Keeping hunts real!

Please Note:  "Freebie Shopping" has become a real issue. Kindly refrain from asking in the hunt help groups, IMing or notecarding organizers, hunt staff or merchants trying to find out which store has a certain gift. You will not get the information. This is a hunt. We support and respect all merchants who work very hard for hunters. Spamming the help group asking for anything other than hints may get you ejected. 

=Click Store Number for TP=

Store #01
Through the curtains I sit beyond the keyhole chained awaiting. 

Store #02
If you were an ASSASSIN, keeping secrets is important.

Store #03
Hint Giver
(located next to hunt sign)

Store #04
You are beautiful

Store #05
Mɥǝu ʎon sǝǝ ʇɥǝ ʇnɹbnoᴉsǝ ʞǝǝd ʍɐlʞᴉuƃ dɐsʇ ʇɥǝ ɥoods˙ ɹonup lᴉʞǝ ɐ ɹᴉuƃ' I ɔouɟᴉuǝ ʎonɹ ʍɹᴉsʇs˙

Store #06
Well Helloooo Salita!

Store #07
Look somewhere your cat might sleep.

Store #08
I have three Camellia Bushes protecting me! So I can stay calm outside the store!

Store #09
(sorry guys)

Store #10
I just love doing yoga OUTDOORs...

Store #11
It’s a Major Award!

Store #12
See Hint Giver
(Front of store in the window hint giver)

Store #13
(Hint giver is right inside the store to the left on the shelves)
I would rather sit on a pumpkin and have it all to myself, than be crowded on a velvet cushion. -Henry David Thoreau

Store #14
See Hint Giver
(at the front of the store)

Store #15
Go where the light is...!

Store #16
Did you see that this cake is made something nutty?

Store #17
Gimme a call baby....

Store #18
Even the monkey loves the Freebies!

Store #19
You can have great fun outdoors.

Store #20
It's on the Table… There is only one table...

Store #21
This hunt has Inspired me!

Store #22
Teddy has 2 keys

Store #23
An APPLE a day keeps madness away!

Store #24
Hint Giver above the DLS sign outside the shop.

Store #25
Between green.

Store #26
Above the door u will find the key

Store #27
Demo is the key to my secrets

Store #28
You won't have to make a call to find me!

Store #29
Do you believe in fairytales?

Store #30
The HIGHEST reward for a person's toil is not what they get for it, but what they become by it.

Store #31
Guess what gatcha!!!!

Store #32
You are not a maniac if you hit me, I need this kind of love !

Store #33
**Please Skip**
(Sorry guys)

Store #34
I am keeping warm by the fire.

Store #35
**Please Skip**
(Sorry guys)

Store #36
**Please Skip**
(Sorry guys)

Store #37
Victorian ladies had secrets too. Just look at the sexy boots they had under all those skirts!

Store #38
Enter in the store and in the left side it is flower. You will find me there!

Store #39
You Light Up My Life !!!

Store #40
Female: The color of passion is hiding this.
Male: Oh Harry why are you hiding the key.

Store #41
"I'm scary?"

Store #42
Good Luck

Store #43
See Hint Giver
(For today's hint please click the big red flashing hint giver sign)

Store #44
You got collared.

Store #45
I'm shy... I hide in corners

Store #46
I am no use to you when it is the day, but you might need me when it is dark

Store #47
The best place to hide a dirty little secret? Who knows...

Store #48
Ahoy there... was that a sound? What or who is hiding behind the pirates big bed ? 

Store #49
And Now for something New!

Store #50
Not difficult! Please check the new items :)

Store #51
I am sooo patriotic sometimes. 

Store #52
I am that merry wanderer of the night.

Store #53
GIRLS: I prefer to stay in a corner listening to music
GUYS:  Being dirty can be a magical moment

Store #54
A castle small with meager walls, No king has reigned therein. Rope and wood are found on high, No doors or windows grace its skin. No drawbridge lies within its side, For the moat is found within.

Store #55
Women: Between my claws you will find me
Men: Take care not to get bitten

Store #56
The table is set and waiting for the guests

Store #57
What's your Zodiac Sign?

Store #58
Find me under the green leaves

Store #59
Mystery blue mask will show you a gift. 

Store #60
The herd really does know how to Glam it all up

Store #61
Dirty little girls on point!

Store #62
Between the blood and the night we find our dirty little secret.

Store #63
Check Your Profile

Store #64
Look for me in an empty drawer if your a boy! If your a girl you might find me in my favorite apparel! A girl only needs a good pair of jeans to make an outfit complete!

Store #65
She looks at the shelves: Orange, green, orange ,green, ora ... what? white?!?

Store #66 SKIP!!!!No Hint - No contact

Store #67
 To find the key, the door you seek. Look, friend, and conquer.

Store #68
Going up!

Store #69
Kiss me baby!

Store #70
I should be berry easy to find. If you red the hint.

Store #71
A tongue is a terrible thing to waste.

Store #72
sit and you will find me

Store #73 Moved New Location- Make sure to revisit!!!
"I've often seen a cat without a grin. But a grin without a cat? It's the most curious thing I ever saw in all my life!" Cheshire Cat

Store #74
Are you feeling Lucky??

Store #75
I love being on top of him!

Store #76
Hidden under the edge. 

Store #77   Store was a previous Skip So make sure to visit!!!

"Some like it hot.. some like it spicy.." 

Store #78  No item skip for now ~

ssssshhh, come here I'll tell you my dirty little secret...I really like to be tied up... Don't tell anyone *winks*